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I'm single... Again...

2013-04-08 11:50:31 by Steinberg

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2013-04-08 12:11:02

Divorce is terrible, so is pre-marital sexual relations

Steinberg responds:

Those are works of the devil.


2013-04-08 14:32:06

She/He probably had something incurable... better off without them.

Steinberg responds:

haha, but but, loneliness =(


2013-04-08 14:50:55

I'm already subscribed here. Cheer up!

Steinberg responds:



2013-04-08 15:42:29

Life can be a jerk sometimes.Cheer up,broski!

Steinberg responds:



2013-04-08 15:47:12

Just left my gf today, welcome in the club!

(Updated ) Steinberg responds:

Thanks, I guess?
And I hope you're alright.


2013-04-08 15:55:55

Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all!

(Updated ) Steinberg responds:

My problem is that I could never love anyone... That's what really makes me sad.


2013-04-08 21:48:28

I haven't loved anyone...And thats what makes me sad....But you know we can change that together riiiiight? *wink wink*

Steinberg responds:

Aww yeah ;)


2013-04-09 01:44:41

I've been there man. But don't worry about it, when your single hit the clubs :D nst nst nst

(Updated ) Steinberg responds:

I dont really like clubbing =(
But I will be fine :D


2013-04-17 17:56:50

Sorry to hear that - but hey, don't say you never can love anyone!
The movies you already made prove that you are a man with emotions, I highly doubt a heartless person could have made them!
Don't worry, you will find love again when you're ready for it.

(Updated ) Steinberg responds:

Aww! Thanks for the nice words!