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Entry #18

We maded a game!!!

2014-04-03 03:43:20 by Steinberg

Hey guys!

So, Bumblefish, Tykwa and I made a game where you play as a douchebag!

Well, I made the graphics, and Tykwa the music.

It was supposed to be a quick project but it took waaaaaaaaaaaay more than expected! We were going to make a joke game, where you could only play it once and if you die, good bye forever (or until you clean your cookies), hence the title: "YOLO". In the end, the "only once" thing was scrapped, thankfully because the game got harder than expected, seriously, it's pretty hard!

Regardless, we learned a lot and will probably make games better and faster in the future.


Check the game here:


And dont forget to check both Tykwa and Bumblefish:


Thank you and have fun!


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2014-04-03 09:21:07

Made* !

Aha lol, nice NegRish.


2014-04-03 11:30:50



2014-04-03 16:30:32

Thine hath excreted a game*


2014-04-05 16:12:29

cool stuff, nice gaem.

yes gaaem.


2015-08-04 05:29:35

Hey Stein, you still come around here? Just wanted to say hi

Steinberg responds:

Hey! How are you?
Oh wow, I don't login in forever!

Now the newgrounds chat is back, I'll try to pop in there someday!