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Steinberg's News

Posted by Steinberg - April 3rd, 2014

Hey guys!

So, Bumblefish, Tykwa and I made a game where you play as a douchebag!

Well, I made the graphics, and Tykwa the music.

It was supposed to be a quick project but it took waaaaaaaaaaaay more than expected! We were going to make a joke game, where you could only play it once and if you die, good bye forever (or until you clean your cookies), hence the title: "YOLO". In the end, the "only once" thing was scrapped, thankfully because the game got harder than expected, seriously, it's pretty hard!

Regardless, we learned a lot and will probably make games better and faster in the future.


Check the game here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/636874


And dont forget to check both Tykwa and Bumblefish:




Thank you and have fun!

Posted by Steinberg - February 23rd, 2014

Tee hee.

Posted by Steinberg - October 1st, 2013

I particularly like the one that leads to this: http://passport.game321.com/api/lp/monster2.php

But I still love you, even though you lead me to ripoff games with stolen pokemon fanart.

Sorry, I don't really have any artist news =(

Well, I kinda do, I'm doing some textures for this game:


None of the textures I made are in this version yet though...

So here's a screencap of them randomly put in a map

Legit ads you have there, Newgrounds.

Posted by Steinberg - September 3rd, 2013

I know him for around 10 years, I even helped him with some games back in the day, so I know he is pretty good at it, this one is the first full game he is releasing, still on beta test.

Me and some friends played it for a good three hours, took a little while to get used to, but after that, we had a blast.

The game (Harmfulgame) can be described as a quick match top-down multiplayer shooter with some interesting twists born from the mixture of action, survival, stealth and dungeon crawling genres.

The problem with beta testers is that if someone logs in and there is no one online, the person logs off, that's why getting the word around and testing the game is not that easy, that said, we will be playing it right now, and will stay online for a good while, so I decided to give him a hand and post it here on newgrounds, I believe it's the kind of game you will appreciate.

Hopefully you guys will help, I believe a lot on this project, and I'm sure he will appreciate feedback a lot. Thanks :)

Some of the game's keyfeatures are:
* Random level layouts (procedurally generated)
* Limited sight-hearing senses * Vulnerability and scarce resources
* NPCs attacking or helping players
* Tracking down ability by following footprints and soundwaves

You can get the game here: http://update.harmfulgame.com/setup_harmfulgame.exe

Here's the website: www.harmfulgame.com

Here's a quick how to play: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULvHj3zdaa0

Posted by Steinberg - July 31st, 2013

I'm not jewish...


Yes, important frontpage news.

Posted by Steinberg - July 16th, 2013


Have fun.

In other news, I made a demo reel/channel trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-zoK8MBFW0

Posted by Steinberg - July 9th, 2013

Meh, not my favorite work, but one of the best looking ones... Here it is guys:


I have another project that I personally think is better and is pratically done, it will be released in about a week, stay tuned.


Posted by Steinberg - June 28th, 2013

Hey newgrounds, I animated four old nursery rhymes, I know newgrounds is not exactly the place for this kind of stuff but I really liked the final result, considering that I made them reasonably fast and it's pretty much the best looking and cutest thing I ever animated.

Here it is guys: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/620459

Thanks :3

Posted by Steinberg - June 17th, 2013

My hands hurt!


Also, will there be a robot day this year? I was showing this to my friend and he said I should post the animation this is a part of on robot day, it's the third animation I'm doing with robots and I never remember that robot day exists...

Also, I wanted to do a Xbox One parody but I was working on this one and now is already kinda too late in internet time...

Well, that's all I have to say... Robots, dudes... Damn robots... So many of them...


Look at how many robots I drew!

Posted by Steinberg - May 5th, 2013

Hey newgrounds, I quit my job a while ago because, well, I was working basically the whole day and getting the equivalent of 370 dollars per month... That's a little more than minimal wage in my country, it's not a lot to be slave of work.

So, I want to know, from you guys that made it or know someone who made it, is it easy? is it possible? am I good enough? should I try pursuing it?

You know, I really like animating, and I would animate on my free time anyway, but that means I would only have time to make like two animations per year if I balance it with work, and that's not much, and I love to create, I love to tell my stories, and living off the internet is the only way for me to be fulfilled and happy, plus, being paid in dollars, wich is more valuable than our coin... I'm not a sellout or anything, I just want to turn my passion into a job. So, I'm doing it without expecting a lot, but I want to know if it's worth to pursue it or if I should get a job again, but I can assure I will do it with love anyways.

I still have to upload my newer animations on youtube, but I think this one shows the different styles I can make: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvDYrptis5E

And here a example of something scripted I did: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/595970

I know I can do better, it's just that I havent worked on my new projects yet.

Also, don't worry, I will never abandom newgrounds :)

Unfortunately I cant make a living off newgrounds as I can off youtube (I think) =\
And, you know, I have my bills to pay...

So, should I go for it? Is it doable? Am I good enough? Do I suck? =P

Sorry for my bad english and convoluted text, I'm on sleeping pills =(

Also, thanks! :)